Company Profile

About Alkameyst  Limited

Alkameyst Limited was established with the purpose of quality Import and Export of Pharmaceutical products in  global markets. Since inception Alkameyst Limited was involved in domestic trading and export of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API). The Company made use of the best of its resources and manpower to strengthen its network with the finest manufacturers in China.

In due course of time China saw an emerging market for export of API’s Herbals and Nutraceuticals to various parts of the world. Prompted by its rich experience in domestic trading and international marketing, Alkameyst Limited continued unabated to pursue every opportunity that arose in the process.

Today Alkameyst Limited Exports is actively exporting API’s, Herbals and Nutraceuticals to various nooks and corners of the globe. We are  biggest strengths lie in the huge network and understanding with most of the manufacturers in China and its flexibility to adjust with the complex needs of customers. The company’s activities encompass everything- from export of API’s, Herbals and Nutraceuticals to third party contract manufacturing. In fact the essence of what we do at Alkameyst can be best described as focusing on the needs of the customers and society, conceiving business models, and reliably providing support to our customers to propel their respective businesses forward.

In order to ensure that good rapport and equation are maintained with customers, as well as to facilitate liaison with bulk drug manufacturers, Alkameyst has set-up offices at key locations  Hong Kong with adequate supportive infrastructure.